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Allergy and Food Sensitivity testing and balancing:

"Allergies are usually a warning that something is out of balance in the body"

Allergies are increasing in developed countries to the point where it is estimated that between one-quarter and one-third of people have some form of allergy. Regular medications such as antihistamines and steroids are only effective at suppressing the symptoms of allergies, sometimes with unpleasant side effects.

There are 3 types of allergies affecting most people:

  • Environmental or inhalant allergies: are what most people know as hay fever. It comes from spring and summer pollen, dust and animal dander. 
  • Food allergies: are those that come from common everyday foods. Innate or fixed allergies are strong immediate reactions like peanut allergies that are potentially life threatening. Acquired allergies are better described as sensitivities or intolerance that occur when one food is over consumed daily coupled with poor digestion
  • Chemical sensitivities: synthetic substances such as food additives, medications, household cleaners and many other man-made products. 

Allergies are over-reactions of the body to substances such as dust, pollen and foods that normally should not trigger a reaction in the body. The body mistakenly interprets the allergen as a threat to the body and mounts a strong immune defense against it. This is known as a hypersensitivity reaction. It is not a sign of a weak immune system but a sign of an over-reactive immune system. So simply “boosting” the immune system will not work to solve an allergy problem.

To balance allergies and food sensitivity, Dr. Park will test with a painless method all your environmental, food and chemical sensitivities. She will focus in every area and will treat with natural supplements, Ion-frequency treatment or nutritional advice.