Natural Supplements:

1.     Absorption

Vitamins and minerals come in many different forms, some of which are more readily absorbed in the digestive tract than others. High quality supplements will use the most bio-available, active form of the vitamin to ensure that your body can absorb and use it appropriately.

2.     Label Matching Contents 

A recent study looked at claimed doses on the label of vitamin supplements, compared with the actual dose in each pill, and found an overwhelming discrepancy with potency varying from 9% - 140%. High quality Naturopathic supplements go through rigorous quality control to ensure that each and every tablet, capsule, or spoonful delivers exactly what the label says.  

3.     Correct Dose

 A Naturopahtic supplement will not only ensure the dose listed is what's in the bottle, but also ensure that this is a sufficient dose to see benefits. 

4.       Fillers and Toxins

Average supplements often have many fillers which people may be allergic or sensitive to. These fillers may also hinder the absorption of other ingredients in the formula. Naturopahtic supplements will guarantee a hypoallergenic formula, with no gluten, dairy, corn, sugar and other allergens. Regular supplements may also contains toxins like mercury and lead but professional naturopahtic supplements will ensure no contamination, and no toxins. 

Dr. Tracy Park chooses carefully the best naturopathic supplements for her patients.